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Fortified Marriages Manual & Workbook


Entering Marriage Premarital Workbook - Click HERE for more information 

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Click HERE for the Personality Style Comparison - Great for understanding personality differences!
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52 Studies to Help Your Marriage Grow Healthy and Strong
Using the Biblical principles in this book, you will learn how to:

  • Use your differences to strengthen your marriage.
  • Set healthy boundaries in marriage and family.
  • Improve communication in all your relationships.
  • Understand and meet each others needs.
  • Manage finances together.
  • Work together as a team.
  • Grow together in intimacy.
  • Guide your children to mature character.
  • Protect your marriage.

Excellent for individuals, couples or small groups, Fortified Marriages will help you build your marriage on a solid foundation to withstand the storms that will come against it. Whether you are newlyweds or married fifty years, you can have a meaningful, satisfying, strong, and fulfilling marriage. Disponible también en español.

"Fortified Marriages is a Biblical, comprehensive, and intensely practical workbook." – Dr. David Clarke

"The best tool that I know to restore, renew, transform, and fortify couple relationships." – Pastor Rueb Quintero.

"Whether as a year-long sutdy or as a reference book, Fortified Marriages is a resource that eveyr home would benefit in having - and using." - Don Farr

"Fortified Marriages is more than a bible study on marriage; it is a thorough Biblical study of marriage and family and how to make them loving, lasting, and nurturing." - Dr. Richard Marks

 "This is, by far, the best workbook for marriage that I have seen. The author takes you from the most basic to the most complex of issues facing any marriage today and he does it in a systematic, yet relevant and caring way. Great book!!!" - Thriftbooks User

Your Identity in Christ

Marriage requires two healthy individuals to create a healthy marriage. Understanding your identity in Christ will help you walk closer with Christ and improve your marriage! Check out the resources, links and articles below to help you better understand your identity.

Your Identity by Chris Garner
Living According to Biblical Truth

Boundaries Resources

Healthy boundaries are important to the marriage relationship - in fact, all relationships! It is not easy to develop healthy boundaries, but it is worth the effort. Check out the resources, links and articles below to help you develop healthy boundaries in your marriage. For a PDF file of a lot of great bounaries resources click HERE.

Boundary Setting Inventory
Understanding Boundaries by Chris Garner
Boundaries Package to aid understanding of Boundaries
The Simple Scoop on Boundaries by Henry Cloud
4 Ways to Set Boundaries
Setting Boundaries with Difficult People
Suggested Boundaries to Protect Your Marriage 


Communication Resources

Healthy, productive communication in marriage is possible! It requires work and learning and applying new ways to communicate. Check out the resources, links and articles below to help you develop better communication in your marriage.

Parenting Resources

Parenting is a huge responsibility. A husband and wife working together can raise healthy, God-fearing children, but it requires work and understanding Biblical principles of parenting. The following resources can help you become a better parent.

Parenting Resources
When You Find Our You are a New Parent
Focus on the Family Parenting Articles
Marriage Missions Intl Parenting Articles

Forgiveness Resources

Forgiveness is a critical element to the marriage relationship and all relationships. It is not always easy, but worth the effort to achieve healthy relationships. Check out the resources, links and articles below to help you learn about forgiveness.

Forgiveness Resources
Forgiveness Scriptures and Definitions
Forgiveness Quotes
Forgiveness Models
Campaign for Forgiveness
Forgive for Better
The Power of Forgiveness
What does the Bible Say about Forgiveness?
Why Forgive?
Forgiveness & Restoration

Romance Resources

Romance is necessary for a healthy marriage relationship and romance should continue throughout marriage. Utilize the resources below to help ignite romance in your marriage.

Cure for the Common Marriage
List of Books on Romance
5 Love Languages
Are You Romantic?
Romance Between the Lines
Christian Marriage Romance Ideas
Marital Intimacy
A Great Date with Your Spouse
Keeping the Spark in Your Marriage Alive
33 Ways to Love Your Lover
Friends & Lovers
50 Ways to Love Your Lover

Intimacy Resources

Intimacy is a critical part of the marriage relationship and too often people become confused between love, intimacy and sex. All three are important, but without intimacy, love is empty and sex is only a physical act. Building intimacy in marriage requires work, but it is worth the effort! The resources below will help you build intimacy in your marriage.

Building Intimacy Through Prayer Together by Chris Garner
Intimacy Articles

Financial Resources

Financial Resources Fact Sheet  - downloadable sheet with many great resources
Personal & Financial Information Form - downloadable form to help organize your information.

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